People tell me that I look like I’m 26, but I’m actually 36.

Stefan Oury about

My job is more than
just a paycheck.

Hey stranger! Nice to meet you, I am Stefan a designer specialised in UX/UI design.

I love to create interactive solutions with a strong emphasis on clean, simple and usable design. I care deeply about my craft and like to work with people that challenge me. That's why I try to do it either pretty damn well, or not at all.

More than 10 years of experience taught me a good sense for design. Yes, I do judge a book by its cover and I'm willing to pay extra if it’s well-designed.

I love spending hours pushing pixels and will happily discuss how #RGB rules the world! A year ago I started exploring the magical world of front-end development and have been hacking away at my keyboard ever since

At the moment I am working with the talented people at RCA