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About SBB

SBB is a Belgian accountancy and consultancy company with more then 30 offices and 22.000 customers. SBB acts as a business coach and knowledge partner and offers entrepreneurs, starters, SME company managers, liberal professionals and social profit professionals a wide range of accountancy services and advice on how to be smarter in their business.

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The Brief

How can we share their expertise, which is deeply embedded in the DNA of SBB, on one centralised, future-proof platform with multiple target audiences? We worked closely with SBB to align the brand values to the needs and challenges of their customers. We firstly defined what problems to solve. How can we target each group individually? How do we communicate the DNA of SBB? And how do we find a balance between endless digital inspiration and real world coaching?


Framing the problem

Taking into account (no pun intended) the motivations and obstacles of each target group, we started with a market analysis to explore the landscape. Conclusion: starting or running a business and finding information online is not always obvious. This once again confirms that the role of SBB as an on and offline coach is essential. With these insights we started analysing content and translated this into a detailed information architecture (sitemap, wireframes).

The Solution

We have therefore taken the coaching of entrepreneurs very literally. For example, we developed a digital platform where you can easily find information. From starters to experienced entrepreneurs, SBB got you covered. With content specific landing pages for each target group, downloadable guides, articles, videos, real life stories, events and smart call-to-actions, SBB ensures that each visitor feels inspired and informed.

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